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I can’t get these cerelac babies.

Recently at my sister’s place, I had the misfortune of watching her trying to force feed her six year old son. Not that the meal was made of bitter herbs and unleavened bread a.k.a ugali na kunde- chemsha.
He was refusing to eat chips and chicken…yes I too, dear reader, expressed shock at this kind of behaviour.

When growing up, chips was only eaten after your end year exams and you had managed a top three position in class. Only then would mother consider buying you a packet.
She would never give you the 7 bob for the purchase…after all a kid doesn’t need money. What for?

Back to the feeding. Now this small boy had totally refused the delicacy. So his mother sweet talked him into ordering what he felt like eating.
He finally cracked and ordered a pizza and coke! His supper was brought and he ate. Probably a habit he picked from watching a documentary on ‘Super Pipo,’ his idol.
A.k.a Phillipo Inzaghi.

Any way, we are going soft on parenting. I could never dream of refusing to eat what was offered. Even if it was cassava and warm water.
If I ever pulled such a stunt, I am sure the plate would have been passed on to one of my many siblings.
My sisters and brother would have split the catch between them and devoured the contents without flinching and I would have slept hungry.

Not that am ranting, but it seems we have lost our grip on our kids. Households are being ruled by manner less kids who go around calling their mothers by their first names and kicking maids all over the place.

That was another no-no in my days. Anyone of your parents’ age was aunty or uncle so and so. So we ended up having uncle Maina, aunty Achieng’ and cousin Kiprono…
But at least we had respect, or didn’t we?

I see parents in supermarkets bargaining with kids on which kind of Weetabix to buy.
If he is told no, the brat throws a tantrum and leaves a trail of broken bottles and burst carton boxes behind him. All this while hurling explicits at the parent.
I swear, those days, a total stranger would tear your ear away for simply failing to answer to your mum's call.

In order to grow up, a kid needs a steady hand to guide him into maturity. If the supporting arm will be fragile, then his growth, physical, mental and emotional will be unstable.

A bad seed grows into a diseased plant. Lets do away with this NGO- ban- canning stuff (this should not be interpreted as child battering) and raise our kids right. Lest we breed our very own Evan Ramseys, Michael Carneals, Eric Harris’s, Dylan Klebolds, James Sheets and Seung- Hui Chos.


Rahellita said...

well, how do you let your kid get to the point where you and ít'are arguing?

no offence, but as much as the y-generation now calls it 'backward'parenting, kids should have no say.thats y theyre kids.

reasoning capacity, experience, choice and even knowledge on trivial matters like food or househelps just cannot be left up to kids preference.

A younger me used to loathe being told 'because I am your parent!'and at one point, I even used the word 'hate'and 'mum'in the same sentence.

right now, as I see my pay slip go to paying rent, electrcity and food, I wonder, 'how did mum ever do this?!'

kudos to all 'backward'parents everywhere, as I am proud to be the product of their 'harsh' love!

fionah said...

iyo mambo ya watoto ni...
well trying out my Swa but i like the baby photos. i like backward parenting. kids brought up by suc parents turn out to do well in life than those brought up by the so called y-generation.

i owe my very own existance to my mom, her role in my life has shaped into a very fine person.