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Politics is not my thing.

In fact it bores me stiff, but the nature of my job dictates that I know something of it. Not just of the Railas, Kalonzos, PNUs or TipTips.

A lot of things. About Obama and Hillary’s campaigns, about Giuliani’s pro- abortion and pro- gay policies and how he stands a chance on being Americas next president. Then I imagine him receiving a gay activists state visit…men clad in leather pants so tight that a mere fart can burst their seams and shapeless women in oversized Levi jeans feeling bad about their breasts and wishing their chests were as flat Thatcher’s jokes.. On how the maximum amount of cash a single contributor can donate (in hard cash) to a candidate in the US is 4300 $.

While here, guys cough up a million for a plate of rice, nyama and a glass of fanta. How in Pakistan an exilee can be welcomed back only to later on defy her host. How a former cricket captain can emerge from hiding to lead a student protest march. How Europeans charged with child trafficking in remote Tchad can be rescued by Super Sarko and chartered to Brussels. While dogs are set on blacks who have swam to the Canary Islands through shark infested waters hoping for a better life.

Yes I must fit this into my big head. And there is more…Khartoum is ignoring Juba…those coffee- drinking, turban- wearing, east- facing, light skinned ninjas want nothing to do with Salva and his band of merry men. Yet children are losing the fight to live. Can we blame them? I mean what will you live for if all in front of you is dust, oil pipelines heading north and the Janja Weed? You’d rather meet your maker and hope he answers some of your questions on justice than wake up to this sight.

By the way, I have never understood what kind of devil rises from hell each five years to get into the heads of Kenyans.
People are hacking each other…the season of hate is finally here…on which side are you?



Politics is sometimes a core unit in life...not an elective.

Culturekenya said...

Wess, asante sana. Ningeomba unipe aya katika anwani yako ya tovuti, maana hilo tofali zima ni kama linachosha kusoma.
Ili kutia aya, bonyeza kitufio kilicho na kituo(fullstop) huku ukiwa umebonyeza "shift" chini, na uandike P katikati, ili P iwe katika mabano ya "V".
Licha ya hayo, nashukuru sana jinsi unavyojadili siasa, na weledi wako katika uga wa siasa za kimataifa.
Endelea kutushika, tukiwa tumetulia. Au sio?

wes said...

culturekenya, ahsante sana kwa maoni hayo.
Bila shaka ntayatilia maanani kila niandikapo

wes said...
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Rahellita said...

poltics, politcs,poltics!
imagine the sound of a mosquito in the wee hours of the night, when you're trying to get a good night's sleep.
this is what politics is to me.
and yet, i cant avoid it.
what to do, what to do...