Its all about the simple things
That make you believe you have wings
Wings to soar past all things
Gory and pretentious
And transport you to a new age
A new page
Of poetry transformed into a reality
Of less tears
Less fears

More belief and satisfaction
To the birth of a new nation
Of hope
Little destruction…
A time of love and devotion
Unborn civil movements
Proposing all of society’s improvements
Compassionate governments
Not obsessed with undersea cables
Selfless leaders
Defined not by sycophancy
Unperverted men of god
Who see boys as protectors
And not commodities
For short term pleasures
A simpler time when we all looked within
And not over the burden on our shoulders
Towards a haunting past
Playing tag with our futures
Ignoring the urgency of our present
And erasing all effort
Towards our individual nirvana.
The simple things
That broke open our faces with smiles
Filled our souls with little joys
Teared our eyes with laughter