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आफ्टर Four

Had to pull t out again after last night's 'Fist to Five'...

Hope it touches something within you...

After four

Step outside into the cold
For a minute from your hold
From the light into the shadow
From the calm into the storm.

Forget your joy and feel the pain
Embrace the loss ignore the gain
Humane, not this time
Mundane, a bit like Caine
Rejoice in blood it’s just a game
And take it like Abel
Unless you’re God and able
Whose tears make things unstable.

The prick of the thorn loses its pain
But scars remain
Like those on the heart of a woman scorn
Open the door and let them in
Unless of course you’re deep in sin
Let the crawlers through
Never do the shoo
Or else they’d blow
Spear or arrow
You and your kin
Come next election.

Caress the flames

And lick the sparks

Fan your passions

Draw the swords

After four

It will be twelve

And then again

We destroy ourselves.

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